Christmas Bundle

$369.00 $299.00

The all-new Christmas bundle represents our absolute best value you can buy. Containing a whopping 3 Golden Tickets, 4 Adult Vouchers, 3 Senior Vouchers, 4 Food and Drink Vouchers and 10 Golden Envelopes all for a heavily discounted price of $299.  Get all your Christmas shopping done with this one easy bundled purchase.



The Chrismas bundle is a total of TEN individual premium Deluxe experiences designed to be given out as multiple Christmas gifts. This bundle has been heavily discounted and is only available at Christmas time. It’s literally all your Christmas shopping done in just a few clicks! Order online here and you’ll receive all the following vouchers in a courier bag in 1-2 working days.

Read below to see what’s included in this incredible bundle.


3 X Golden Vouchers  (Value $195)

The Deluxe Golden Ticket provides the ultimate cinema experience and can be redeemed for any two drinks and a Deluxe Cheeseboard for two people at Deluxe Cinemas.





4 X Adult Vouchers  (Value $70)

Each adult voucher is beautifully designed and is good for any one adult admission to Deluxe and Alice Cinemas.





3 X Senior Vouchers  (Value $36)

Each senior voucher is beautifully designed and is good for any one senior, student or child admission to Deluxe and Alice Cinemas.





4 X Food & Drink Vouchers  (Value $40)

This handy voucher is the perfect addition to any movie voucher gift. Each redeemable for $10 worth of food and drink at Deluxe or Alice cinemas box office. (Note, the free food & drink voucher you get when you spent over $50 is included the 3).





10 X Christmas Gold Envelopes  (Value $20)

Included in the Christmas bundle are 7 beautifully presented metallic Christmas gold envelopes so you can divide up the vouchers how you like.